Publication Policies: OOA

Open Access Policy

Online Open Access Journals strictly follow and publishes the contents under open access policy. This infers that the contents will have an unrestricted access, information can be downloaded, printed, distributed, rebuilt and shared without any limitation with proper citation to the creator.

  • The contents published under open access policy are free to access digitally, can be shared and reused without any restrictions by citing the original source or creator.
  • The authors have the copyrights of their articles/content/information/creation published in our platform.
  • We are comply with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License apply to the open access platform (CC-BY-SA).
  • Under gold open access policy, the final version of the content is freely accessible with immediate effect.
License and Copyright

In our publication model, the author retains the copyright and grants publishing rights to the publisher. Creative Commons License CC-BY-SA 4.0 allows articles to be read and shared online with certain conditions such as the original source must be cited and the research work may be used for commercial purposes. Derivatives such as article translations and adaptations should not be distributed. Certain requirements by the funder are conformed by applying the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0) as per the requirement.

Privacy Policy
  • We maintain strictly believe in confidentiality and trust of our customers by following a defined set of protocols for data collection, maintenance of data repository and data utilization.
  • Our privacy policy is applicable to the use and collection of personal data only.
  • If, visitors access our websites their information is collected voluntarily. This data is aim to ensure secured, improved and user-friendly website services.
  • The personal data include name, email address, postal address, phone number and social media. Login credentials, education profile, profession, organization, field of expertise, areas of research interest are collected. Financial transaction information, communications and queries, language preference, frequency of communication may be collected. This data is secure with us and deleted after some defined period.
  • The registered users are provided with updates and alerts subscribed for and such data collection enables to offer customized access to the services.
  • IP address, internet service provider, language settings, demographic information, product views and other technical identifiers may also be recorded.
  • The personal information and data is used for providing effective services which include activation, reactivation of the services, verification of the user identity, account maintenance and administration, processing of user transactions, sending notifications and announcements, for solving disputes, storage of searched information and webpage usage statistics.
  • Information may be shared with editors, reviewers, authors, payment facilitators, email service providers, information technology providers and communication agents with adequate confidentiality and security measures.
  • Information pertaining to the use of the website may be transferred/processed to third country depending on the service provider and subject to different data protection standards.
  • Pending transactions, can lead to longer retention of the personal information.
  • We take adequate precautions to safeguard the secured information against theft, unauthorized use, misuse or alteration or destruction by technical means. Data breach cannot be completely ensured or guaranteed because submission of information in the electronic transit mode over the internet is not entirely secure and foolproof.
  • We extends all possible support to encourage the experimental researchers to store, share and exchange their data for increasing visibility, credibility and utility of their scientific explorations.
  • We encourage the authors to submit their supplementary data and associated data through our regular manuscript submission process.
  • We offer post-production promotion of the articles and this would identify and encourage hyperlinking to the data of interest for the readers.
  • Our long standing association with the reviewer and scientific community helps in appropriate documentation, validity and reusability of the scholarly data.