Online Open Access Journals is offering Membership opportunity to professionals across the globe as we seek their individual support and contribution to maintain this unique Open Access platform. We do provide individual as well as institutional memberships across the globe.

Individual Membership

This opportunity is only applicable for researchers, educators, scientists, industry and other professionals across the globe


  • Member can submit maximum number of articles in any of the Online Open Access journals
  • Member will get a Annual membership certificate from Online Open Access Journals
  • Members will get discount while attending any of our Conferences.
  • Any referral from members can also avail discounts in their article processing fees while submitting articles in our Journals and discounts in registration fee while attending our Conferences.  

Institutional Membership

This opportunity is only applicable for research or educational institutes, Organizations, Universities, Hospitals, Corporate, Scientific/Professional societies & other affiliates.


  • Members or their affiliates can submit up to six articles to any of the Online Open Access journals
  • Member organization will get a prestigious Annual membership certificate from us.
  • Member Organization logo will be displayed in our Journal website with a statement “Scientific Alliance” or “Supporters” in our Conference website.
  • Promotion of member organization in all our websites, our conferences websites and print media including social handles and email marketing.
  • Members can opt any of Online Open Access Journal as their official Journal
  • Members affiliates will get an opportunity to be the Editorial Board Members/ Reviewers for our OOA Journals.
  • Members and their affiliates can publish max 2 special issues without any cost
  • Members or their affiliates will get discounts in the registration fees for our Conferences
  • Member referral persons also avail discounts in article processing fee for Journals & Registration fee for Conferences.
  • Members/affiliates of the partner organization can avail the opportunity to join us as Editorial Board Members/ Reviewers.
Membership Registration Form

Kindly register yourself or your organization to avail the membership of Online Open Access Journals or Evation conferences. Registration is mandatory to confirm the membership.

Membership Fee:

Currently there is no membership fee to be a part of Online Open Access platform. Kindly send an email for requesting being a member of our team. After your membership will accepted, you will receive a membership certificate with unique enrollment no.

For corporate or industry membership, registrations and more information contact at: [email protected]