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Evation Business Solutions (P) Ltd

Evation Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd was established in March of 2018 with an aim to offer end to end business solutions to the clients specially providing B2B platforms to the clients. Our services ranged from Consulting to Business Research, Research, Corporate training, end to end office support, marketing strategy & Business Meetings/Conferences and content & publishing platform etc.

Our Services:

  • Hosting Conferences, Seminars, Corporate training programs
  • Event support & services
  • Event listing & promotions
  • Scientific Journals & publishing platform
  • Office supplies & solutions
  • Business research & Consulting


  • Providing opportunity to the youths by bringing out their creativity and empowering them to achieve their dreams


  • To connect with the right person at the right time for the society
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Evation Business Solutions (P) Ltd
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